Frequently asked questions

How much will my divorce/separation cost?

As a team of family law experts, we are very aware that most people do not budget for the cost of consulting a divorce or family lawyer. It is an added strain at a very difficult time. We will discuss costs with you at the outset. Our costs will always be transparent. We can offer flexible payment plans such as invoicing you at regular intervals so that you are clear about what you are paying for and you are able to see the value of our advice. As expert divorce and family lawyers, we focus on providing cost effective advice.

Can my ex-partner and I consult with the same Solicitor?

Unfortunately not. In terms of the Law Society of Scotland Professional Rules, we can only represent you. We cannot give advice to your ex-partner as that would be a conflict of interest. It is essential that you receive independent and impartial advice. Our expert family lawyers can assist.

My ex-partner and I have agreed a financial settlement. What do we do now?

We can assist in preparing a comprehensive separation agreement which will cover everything that you need such as division of assets and debts, financial support for you and child maintenance and also the care arrangements of your children.

Will I have to go to court to sort out the issues between me and my ex-partner?

The vast majority of cases are settled by negotiation without the need to ever go anywhere near a courtroom. Litigation is always very much a last resort in divorce and family law matters. We can provide cost effective and practical solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our expert family and divorce lawyers can assist you.

Would it not be cheaper for me to buy a Separation or Pre Nuptial Agreement from the internet?

There are a number of websites where you can buy Separation or Pre Nuptial Agreements. However, many of these websites are not Scottish. Scots family law is very different from English family law. A Separation Agreement or Pre Nuptial Agreement is a very important document and once it is signed, it would become a legally binding contract. It is important, prior to signing any Separation or Pre Nuptial Agreement, which would bind you, that you obtain expert advice from a family divorce lawyer so that you understand what you are signing.

Am I entitled to a share of my spouse’s pension?

When you separate, all financial matters need to be resolved before you are divorced in Scotland. All assets and debts should be valued, and this includes pensions that have been built up throughout the marriage. When it comes to sharing assets, there are different options which includes receiving a share of your ex-partner’s pension. Pensions are complex and it is important that you receive advice from an expert family lawyer.

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