The breakdown of your relationship can affect your children. It is essential to make any changes to your child’s life as smooth as possible. It is always best to get advice at an early stage as to how to deal with any issues in relation to your children before any problems become worse.

Sometimes when a relationship breaks down one of the parents wishes to relocate, whether to another part of the UK or overseas. If you are considering moving away, or if you are the parent who would be left behind, it is vital to obtain advice as soon as possible.

The courts are often not best placed to resolve disputes relating to your children. Our expert family lawyers can advise you on the possible methods of resolving your dispute which could be appropriate. As expert family lawyers, we have experience in residence, contact, child maintenance, child relocation and child abduction. We can give you clear advice on your rights and obligations.

Where litigation is required, we have considerable expertise in litigating cases in relation to all issues regarding children’s welfare. Our team is on hand to provide you with clarity, so get in touch with one of our experts.

Our team work closely together. The process of arranging access and reducing the impact on children when a relationship breaks down may be affected by the legal process of adoption, depending on the circumstances.

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