Most Important Factor when Relocating is what is Best for Children

With international travel back on the cards after two years of significant restrictions, it stands to reason that we’re going to experience an increase in the number of people relocating to new countries. Some who live in Scotland but are originally from elsewhere may have been hoping to move back to their home country for […]

Kinship Care Orders – FAQs

Kinship Care Week in Scotland runs from 14-20th March 2022 and the Kinship Care Advice Service for Scotland is running events all week. You can find out what is on using this link – To mark Kinship Care Week, our Emma Letham has answered some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Kinship Care Orders. […]

Why the date of separation matters when couples split

Whether you are married or in a cohabiting relationship, one of the first things your solicitor will focus on during your initial meeting will be to establish the date you separated from your spouse or partner.  In divorce, the date of separation is important because the value of matrimonial property will be determined on the […]

Inflation bites twice on separated families

As the cost of living crisis hits households across the country, separated families may need to revisit maintenance arrangements agreed at a time when inflation was subdued. When married couples split spouses owe a duty of financial support to one another. This will often see the higher earning party provide maintenance or aliment in the […]

Adoption FAQs – The Children’s Hearing process

To mark Adoption Week Scotland, our Adoption specialist, Emma Letham, has put together a series of blogs, answering commonly asked questions from Prospective Adopters. Do Prospective Adopters need to take part in the Children’s Hearing process? The short answer is no. Prospective Adopters do not need to take part in the Children’s Hearing process. However, […]

Q&A with an Adopter

To mark Adoption Week Scotland, our Adoption specialist, Emma Letham, spoke with a recent adopter about his experience of the Adoption Process:- EL – What has been the best thing about adopting? Achieving something that I never dreamed was possible. Adoption for same sex couples didn’t become legal until 2009, so becoming a parent wasn’t […]

Effects of the Children (Scotland) Act 2020

What changes will the Children (Scotland) Act 2020 make for children and young people?

Cohabitant claims

Partner Roger Mackenzie discusses cohabitation and what can happen when couples separate

Q&A the adoption process

For LGBT+ Adoption and Fostering Week, WJM Associate Emma Letham speaks with Karen Watt from Scottish Adoption about the adoption process

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